Our Business

New West Coast Pte Ltd strives to uphold the exemplary standards of behaviour we adopt towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and the environments which we have an impact on.

In this regard, the strong emphasis on Total Maintenance and Construction Capabilities along the entire value chain is distinguished in the form knowledge and skills integration. Ultimately working as a team to successfully cater and deliver to our client’s business objectives.

New West Coast Maritime Pte Ltd – A Tradition of Excellence

New West Coast Maritime Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1997 as a subsidiary of NWC Pte Ltd, is located at 1 Pandan Road and occupies a total area of 5 acres. Today, the firm specialises in Ship Repairs, Modifications, Ship Building, Fabrication of Offshore Structures. In order to stay competitive, the company has constantly upgraded the yard to expand and improve its services.

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New West Coast Marine Pte Ltd – Moving with Vision

New West Coast Marine Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of NWC Pte Ltd, was incorporated in 1981. Our principal activities include Sea Transportation & Vessel Chartering. We provide barge and Tug Operators to cater to our a wide variety of our client’s marine logistics needs. Drawing upon technical expertise from our parent company, it is backed by a core team of qualified and devoted Supervisors and crew who possess the relevant knowledge, skill and experience to ensure the daily operational efficiency and functions are being met.

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